Coats Coats Pink Passion 3/4 Coat 2008 This wonderful coat features a plush pink with orange and black tips. The reverse is a very short pile textured teal furry fabric. This coat also has a large roomy hood and like all of my coats features 4 super large pockets. This is a kimono style coat with large sleeves. 123738054 123738055 Winter Wonder Yeti Full Coat The coat is wonderful with its all white dreaded yeti fur and ice blue textured taffeta reverse. Featuring a large hood and as always 4 large pockets. This is a kimono style coat with large sleeves. 123738058 Winter Wonder Yeti Coat Reverse Show casing the ice blue taffeta, this coat really is a winter wonder. 123738061 Crazy Blue 3/4 Fitted Coat 2010 Crazy Blue has a 3 tone spiked fur, black with purple and blue and is a fitted style coat with a smaller hood and as always 4 super large pockets. The sleeves have a slight bell, but do not have a fur reverse cuff. This outfit was also designed with 2 pairs of leggings. Solid leggings featured here. 123738063 Crazy Blue 3/4 Fitted Coat Reverse 2010 The reverse of crazy blue show cases the delicate silver and black detailed brocade as well as the second custom pair of leggings. This 3 tier pair really does showcase what a good pair of leggings can do for your outfit. 123738062 Fabulous Flame Full Coat 2010 *FOR SALE* This coat really is elegant and fabulous! The main body of this coat is a plush but short piled black and gray scale effect fur, while the cuffs and hood are done in a all black shag. The flame effect brocade has a olive green background and gold, cream, and deep red flames. With a large hood and 4 standard huge pockets this coat is sure to set hearts ablaze. FOR SALE $650 123738066 Miss Apogaea 2007 Patchwork Coat and Purple People Eater Coat 123782998 2007 Miss Apogaea Patchwork Coat This showcases the front of this patchwork project made as a prize for Miss Apogaea 2007. 123783001 2007 Miss Apogaea Patchwork Coat Reverse This picture shows the patch worked reverse side of the 2007 Miss Apogaea coat 123783003 2007 Miss Apogaea Coat backside 123783002 Think Green Roses Coat 2006 Picture taken of one of my early coats at Burning Man 2006 123783000 Allison Wonderland Coat 123783004 Allison Wonderland Coat reverse 123783005 Big Red Fun Fur Coat 2006 This great early PlayaFur coat has bright red fun fur and a teal and brown puffball velvet reverse. So much fun! 123783006 Black White and Classy Coat 2007 123783008 Cookie Monster on Crack Coat 2007 Picture taken of this wonderful Coat before my fashion show in Denver Colorado 2007. 123783009 Ian's Monster Coat 2006 Picture taken of this wonderful Coat before my fashion show in Denver Colorado 2007. 123783015 Electric Boogablue Yeti Coat This crazy cool coat features a blue under coat yeti fur as well as blue and black plice reverse. It's large hood and total look are just oh so cool. 123783012 Electric Boogablue Yeti Coat reverse This picture is just wonderful to illustrate how plice really looks and moves, never quite the same. 123783011 Don Schmid-e's Coat Room for two! This coat has a very cool black with purple and white striped fur and neon orange fleece liner. 123782999 Don Schmid-e's Coat Pimpin' The coat was made to be over-sized. It features a giant hood and well just looks cool! 123783010 GQ Yeti Coat Simple pleasures! This coat had a charcoal gray undercoat yeti fur and a simple black satin liner. This is coat features a collar. 123783013 GQ Yeti Coat reverse 123783014 Latvian Gambit Coat 2009 Named for a chess move this coat a a wonderful low pile tan and white checker board fur and an amazing tan, gold and pink swirl brocade liner. It also features a large hood. 123784574 Latvian Gambit Coat 2009 reverese This picture illustrates the fabulous liner this coat boasts. 123784575