Playa Fur Furry Fashions

A place to find Playa Coats and more Fun Furry Functional Fashions

Playa Fur and Mercedes Gerow

Playa Fur is the fuzzy "pet" project of Mercedes Hartman Gerow. Mercedes has been sewing since she was taught by her grandmother at age 6. She began with holiday dresses on her grandmothers knee and by 12 was branching out into her own designs. Weather is was over sized comfy flannel pants or prom dresses, she has never stopped creating since.

Playa Fur was born as Mercedes was getting ready for her first trip out to Burning Man in 2006. While creating coats for herself, friends showed interest in her creating coats for them and she just choose to never stop. And now she has added many more products to her list in addition to her wonderful custom playa coats.

Now Mercedes strives to create whatever your heart desires. Coats, vests, scoodies, top hats, leggings, fur flared pants, baby burritos, handbags, rugs, and plushrooms!  (or anything else you can come up with)